Sunday, 24 July 2011

Hi all...
Thanks for visiting and appreciating my First blog!...I hope you will enjoy reading all the upcoming ones too.
The next one I am adding here is really a simple Quilling Card.
One of my friends' told me how her little daughter was interested in all the art and craft activities. Thus, I am adding this easy card for all the cute, little girls out there. :)

Now its Magic time...

  • take any colored card sheet of your choice,
  • mark four windows of equal size, and you will be needing a paper cutter to cut out the window section,( to be done under adult supervision!)
  • take different colored quilling strips, roll into coils of different sizes,
  • make different shapes and stick them together to form flower, butterfly, bird etc,
  • a little touch of your color pencils in the background can give a whole new look to your card like a rainbow, leaves, sky etc..
Happy Crafting!!

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