Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Flying Butterfly Bday card

 Hi all...
Butterflies.....One of God's BEST creations to tell us how beautiful the world around is and how lucky we are to be a part of it... and another great feeling is to wish a dear friend on one of the best day of the year..their BIRTHDAY!!...So, what else could be better than gifting a handmade card with all your love and affection and good wishes to your loved ones!! 
Touch your Magic Fingers to

  • Colored quilling strips of your choice, 
  • Draw a butterfly motif on a rough sheet,
  •  Roll the strips,
  •  Give them different shapes( drop, marquise,leaf etc), 
  • Glue all the shapes together according to the motif you have drawn
  • Assemble the completes butterfly patter in any form along with a little background of flowers, a blue sky, bright yellow sun...
Voila....the magical butterfly is ready to fly off to your friend with your Birthday Wishes!!

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