Friday, 5 August 2011

Wish Tree

Hi all,
Hope you have been enjoying the blogs. Trying to put forward easy but intresting projects for you to create. The latest addition is something I named the Wish Tree. This one is very simple to make , a little twists and turns needed to create the effect of the branches and you can choose a colour scheme of your own.

  • It can be left monochromatic, or made in hues of the same colour or made colourful using shades of greens, browns etc. 
  • The magic is created by taking strips of different sizes (1/8 and 1/4th cm) and lengths together. 
  • Part the entire piece into two bold halves and curl/wind the paper into coils of different sizes and in different directions.
  • Take a coloured card sheet of your choice, give the edges design using pinking shears( for a zig zag pattern) or a shape of your choice. You can also stamp the card sheet with different blocks to give it a leafy theme. 

  • You can frame this tree by putting it in a decorative low- rise box and can be gifted to family and friends on special occasions.

There no end to imagination and the magic being created.
Happy Crafting!!

Quilled happy birthday...

Hi all,
Birthdays!! Wish this day came twice a year!!..All the lovely wishes and beautiful gifts from family and friends just make that one day so special. And what else could be better then getting a surprise Cake!!
Yesterday  me and my group of friends threw a surprise birthday party for our beloved music teacher..With a huge handmade greeting card, gifts, a lovely chocolate cake and a song specially composed for her ...She loved every bit of the surprise.
Black Forest Cake

Top Icing
So I thought of sharing this magic recipe ...
For gluing this cake together you will need small round box, quilling strips of red, white ,light and dark brown colour, small silver beads, adhesive, quilling tool.

  • Start with quilling the different colour strips and giving them shapes.
  • cover the small round box with a white or brown sheet of paper so as to get a neat effect on the base
  • this cake needs all your imagination for the icing
  • you can give your strips the desired shapes required as per your icing design (here I have played with few basic shapes: triangle, open and closed coils.
  • use small silver beads to give the look of sugar balls
  • use your imagination to create different flavours: pineapple, chocolate truffle, praline cake...
Hope you all enjoyed being part of the Cake class....
Happy Crafting!!