Sunday, 24 July 2011

Hi all...
Thanks for visiting and appreciating my First blog!...I hope you will enjoy reading all the upcoming ones too.
The next one I am adding here is really a simple Quilling Card.
One of my friends' told me how her little daughter was interested in all the art and craft activities. Thus, I am adding this easy card for all the cute, little girls out there. :)

Now its Magic time...

  • take any colored card sheet of your choice,
  • mark four windows of equal size, and you will be needing a paper cutter to cut out the window section,( to be done under adult supervision!)
  • take different colored quilling strips, roll into coils of different sizes,
  • make different shapes and stick them together to form flower, butterfly, bird etc,
  • a little touch of your color pencils in the background can give a whole new look to your card like a rainbow, leaves, sky etc..
Happy Crafting!!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Flying Butterfly Bday card

 Hi all...
Butterflies.....One of God's BEST creations to tell us how beautiful the world around is and how lucky we are to be a part of it... and another great feeling is to wish a dear friend on one of the best day of the year..their BIRTHDAY!!...So, what else could be better than gifting a handmade card with all your love and affection and good wishes to your loved ones!! 
Touch your Magic Fingers to

  • Colored quilling strips of your choice, 
  • Draw a butterfly motif on a rough sheet,
  •  Roll the strips,
  •  Give them different shapes( drop, marquise,leaf etc), 
  • Glue all the shapes together according to the motif you have drawn
  • Assemble the completes butterfly patter in any form along with a little background of flowers, a blue sky, bright yellow sun...
Voila....the magical butterfly is ready to fly off to your friend with your Birthday Wishes!!