Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A little Fusion

Hi Everyone...
Tried a little variation with my card making..
Thought of two card types( both my favs) Double slider and Recessed window..But again which one to go with..And then my devil's mind thought of why not create a fusion with both..And I am happy it came out well..
So here is a tutorial for my Fusion... :) 
(This is my first Tutorial, hoping you would like this..)

PART I : Double Slider Card

Take a 4"x 10.5" cardstock

Step 7:    Lay the second on the card as shown in the picture and attach adhesive so it lines up with the bottom of the panel. Remove the backing, pick up the panel and attach over the adhesive making sure that it lines up with the bottom panel.

Since I thought of doing little fusion… Double Slider with Recessed Window (which would be the topper to my finished card) …Continue working at your craft table :P

PART 2 :Recessed Window Card Topper

1. Measure an outside square 4" x 4 " (same dimension as your finished double slider has).

2.  For the window (you can place it centrally, left or right justified) measure 2”x2” and draw a box. Draw another box (shown in - - - - line in the pic)  0.25”  on the outside of the 2”x2” box. As a last step, trace an "X" from outside corner to outside corner.

    3.Using a craft knife and ruler, cut from outside corner to outside corner, creating an "X" opening.

      4.  Using a scoring tool, to score both the inside and outside squares.

5.   Turn your project over, fold the "X" outward using the outer scored lines.

6.  Fold the X inward using the inner scored lines.  Turn your project over to the front - it should look like this.

     9. Flip the project over and use a pencil to trace around the square on the backside of the cardstock (yellow pc.). Remove from the front of your card after tracing. Cut out your square from cardstock/pattern paper as shown.

10. Apply adhesive to the four flaps and press the square piece into place. Your project should look like this from the inside of the card.

11.I used Washi tape from my stash to decorate the front panels of the card. You can use pattern paper also.

12. Apply adhesive/double sided tape to the back side of recessed window and adhere to the front of the double slider card.

12. Add embellishments, stamped images, sentiments etc to the front of the card…and your                                                                  FUSION is ready…

       Hoping you would try this J

Keep Crafting..

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