Thursday, 5 December 2013


Quilling is my fav thing to do and especially the typography using 3mm paper strips..its therapeutic and also fun to do...Yes! it definitely needs a lot of patience but the end products make me forget all those hours of sitting in the same position...without even lifting the head :)

2 years back when i started quilling and was searching google about the technique, the first thing i came across was Quillography by Yulia Brodskaya...and nothing inspired me more..She is an amazing artist and I proudly admit that her work is my inspiration..
Another person whose work i just love is Pritesh Ananth Krishnan (Artizire founder n creative head).I like the precision she has...and I am trying my best to get the same...Its still long way to go...

Hridya ..wanted me to blog about typography with paper strips...though i don't have much of photographic collection of the same...A few which i have i m sharing...

here is how to start...
  1. Decide on the sentiment, name, initials etc and choose a font, but remember to take a font which gives you space to design and is easy to manoeuvre.
  2. You can print the font with desired size or draw it on your final surface.
  3. Now what you need is paper strips (3mm, 5mm, 10mm) whatever you feel comfortable to work with personal fav is 3mm.
  4. And yes you need your quilling slotted tool, fine tip tweezers, scissors, any quick drying adhesive with fine tip nozzle (i use fabric glue, its quick drying , dries transparent and no mess adhesive).
  5. Go about putting a fine line of glue to the drawn/transferred letters(using a carbon paper) and then adhere the paper strip.Put glue only to that much area which you can cover in one go , otherwise the glue its a slow process which needs a lot of patience. 
  6. If you wish you can draw the design reference on a rough paper..I usually don't stick to my the time i complete it..its all together a new design..:P
Hope these guidelines are of some help..


  1. oh so sweet of you.. this is good... thank you very much.. :) by the way what thickness is the 3mm strips? the usual 80 gsm of thicker?

  2. yup its usual 3mm..n 80 gsm..

  3. Wow! You've done a beautiful job lekha! Your other creations are pretty as well. I came here through BGC. Congrats on your win :)

    1. thnku so much Sarah :) happy u liked thm

  4. perfect!! n wats d font of the second nameplate ?

    1. thnku so much Soundarya... u mean anand priyanka..its xxii arabian onenight stand( d font name looks funny:P)