Friday, 5 August 2011

Wish Tree

Hi all,
Hope you have been enjoying the blogs. Trying to put forward easy but intresting projects for you to create. The latest addition is something I named the Wish Tree. This one is very simple to make , a little twists and turns needed to create the effect of the branches and you can choose a colour scheme of your own.

  • It can be left monochromatic, or made in hues of the same colour or made colourful using shades of greens, browns etc. 
  • The magic is created by taking strips of different sizes (1/8 and 1/4th cm) and lengths together. 
  • Part the entire piece into two bold halves and curl/wind the paper into coils of different sizes and in different directions.
  • Take a coloured card sheet of your choice, give the edges design using pinking shears( for a zig zag pattern) or a shape of your choice. You can also stamp the card sheet with different blocks to give it a leafy theme. 

  • You can frame this tree by putting it in a decorative low- rise box and can be gifted to family and friends on special occasions.

There no end to imagination and the magic being created.
Happy Crafting!!

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